Chicken Vegetable Roll Recipe | Easy And Quick

Chicken Vegetable Roll Recipe
Chicken Vegetable Roll Recipe

How To Make Chicken Vegetable Roll?

Chicken Vegetable Roll is basically a Chinese snack but it is also very popular in Asian countries like Pakistan and India. It is usually made of vegetables but some people also add noodles in it. You can have it with a hot cup of tea in the evening. It will also make your rainy day more pleasant and yum yum.



 1.    12 - Roll Strips

 2.    Boneless Chicken (Half chest piece)

  3.    1 - Capsicum (chopped)

  4.    1 - Carrot (medium sized, chopped)

  5.    1/4 piece - Cabbage (chopped)

  6.    2-3 - Green Chilies (chopped)

  7.    1 - Green Onion (chopped)

  8.    2 table spoons - Soy Sauce

  9.    2 table spoons - Oyster Sauce

10.   1 tea spoon - Crushed Red Chilies

11.   Salt - (as per your taste)

12.    1 -  Beaten Egg (to seal the roll strips)

13.    Oil for frying


  • Boil the chicken and make fibers.
  • Heat oil (2 table spoons) in pan.
  • Add chicken fibers and fry it for a while then add vegetables (capsicum, carrot, cabbage, green chilies, green onion), oyster sauce, soy sauce and fry it until vegetables are soft.
  • Now add crushed red chilies, salt and mix it well then turn the stove off and let the mixture cool.

How to wrap?

  • Take one roll strip, place it in a diamond shape.
  • Place 2 table spoons of the mixture close to the corner facing you.
  • Pull the strip corner over the filling to cover it and tuck it tightly under the filling.
  • Then roll it upwards till you reach the center.
  • Now fold both sides and continue to roll upwards.
  • Seal the last corner by applying beaten egg on it.

Your Chicken Vegetable Rolls are now ready to fry or you can store them into the freezer for later use.

It's time for frying

Heat oil (as needed) in a pan then add rolls in it and deep fry the rolls on medium heat until golden brown.

Your tasty Chicken Vegetable Rolls are ready to eat. You can serve it with Tomato Ketchup or Chili Sauce.

When frying frozen rolls, always remember that they need some time to cook properly from the inside, so fry on low heat.

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