Doodh Dulari Recipe | Yummy Dessert

Doodh Dulari Recipe
Doodh Dulari Recipe

Yummy Doodh Dulari Recipe

Doodh Dulari is a Pakistani dessert and very famous in South Asia. It is made from milk, colored vermicelli and fruits. Doodh Dulari mostly served at weddings and parties. You can also make it at home and enjoy its delicious taste on family gatherings.

Ingredients For Doodh Dulari


  1.    1 - Liter Milk
  2.    1/2 - Cup Sugar
  3.    3-4 - Green Cardamom
  4.    1/2 cup - Colored Vermicelli

          (rangeen sawaiyyan)  
  5.    1 table spoon - Corn Flour
  6.    2 packs - Jelly (Different Flavors)
  7.    1 - Fruit Cocktail (Tin medium/large)
  8.    Condensed Milk(as per your taste)
  9.    1 - Apple (medium size + cubed)
 10.   3 - Banana (medium size + sliced)
 11.   1/2 kg - Rasgulla (small size)
 12.   Pistachio (as needed)
 13.   Almonds (as needed)

Method To Make Doodh Dulari

  • Take a pan add milk and cardamom and bring it to boil.
  • Then add colored vermicelli (rangeen sawaiyyan) and cook until soft.
  • Add little milk and 1 table spoon corn flour in a cup and mix it then add it into milk vermicelli mixture and cook until it thickens. Take it off the stove.
  • Now make jelly (both flavors separately) and leave until cool then cut it into cubes.
  • When milk and vermicelli mixture is cool, add both flavors jelly, fruit cocktail tin (only fruits without water) condensed milk, apple, banana and rasgulla (save some of them for garnishing) and mix it.
  • Your mixture is ready now pour it into a bowl and garnish it with pistachio, almond, jelly, rasgulla and cream.

Your delicious Doodh Dulari is ready to serve.

Doodh Dulari Recipe
Serve chilled and enjoy.

We hope you like this simple sweet dish Doodh Dulari Recipe by Ayesha Khan Baloch.
If you want Doodh Dulari Recipe in Urdu, do mention in comments. We are planning to make Lab E Shireen Recipe next so, stay tuned with #kuchneya for more updates.

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