Mango Ice Cream Recipe - Mango Kulfi - A Delicious Frozen Dessert

Mango Ice Cream Recipe
Mango Ice Cream

Healthy Mango Ice Cream

Nobody ever said, "I hate Ice Cream".

Summers have consistently been about heaps of frozen desserts. In case you're in any way similar to us, you're presumably missing your late-night frozen dessert. Frozen desserts are one of the uncommon advantages of the summer season. 

Yet, in light of the fact that we have missed the greater part of the late spring advantages this year, doesn't imply that we should pass up frozen desserts as well. So, we are going to share a portion of our preferred homemade Ice Cream plans!

To keep things simple, we have picked the Mango flavor that we all love. Before the season for mangoes reaches its end, take benefit as much as possible and give this easy and healthy Mango Ice Cream Recipe (Mango Kulfi Recipe) a shot and see with your own eyes!


(3-4 persons)

  1.  3 - Mangoes (sliced)
  2.  2 pinches - Salt
  3.  2 packs - Cream
  4.  5 tablespoon - Condensed milk
  5.  3 tablespoon - Powdered milk

Method To Make Mango Ice Cream

  • Blend the mangoes and make the puree.
  • Add salt and blend again.
  • Pour it in a bowl.
  • Now add cream and condensed milk and mix it until combine.
  • Add powdered milk and mix it well.
  • Now take the Ice Cream mold (tin, aluminium or plastic) and fill the mixture in it.
  • While filling the mixture leave some space, else Ice Cream will spill out of the mold while freezing.
  • Wrap opening of the mold with aluminium foil. 
  • Make tiny cuts in the middle of the foil wrap.
  • Put wooden Kulfi sticks through the cuts.
  • Now set them in the freezer for 2-4 hours or until Ice Cream is set.
  • After freezing remove the foil, take a large bowl full of water at room temperature.
  • Dip Ice Cream molds into the bowl of water for some time and hold the stick.
  • Keep the edges out of the water as the water may get into the molds and it will melt your Ice Cream.
  • Now gently try to pull out the Ice Cream.

Your delicious, yummy and creamy Mango Ice Cream is ready to eat.

Mango Ice Cream Recipe
Your Mango Ice Cream will look like this before freezing.

If you don't have Ice Cream molds in reach, you can use small sized plastic glass as mold.

We hope you like this simple Mango Ice Cream Recipe
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